Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laundry: When A Roommate Came Along

Park Merceds laundry rooms are the most scariest and memorable things on the planet.  It looks like a scene out of saw but the machines looks like dorm room replicas, like the strange nostalgic days of back when i was a serial killer. 
My body feels so achy and confused and I like thinking about my roommates because they remind me of cake, bad movies and dancing. They are all so sweet and so real. I had a lot of fun last year but i got to admit i was sort of disappointed that i was gipped out of the real "buddy buddy" roommate experience that I always envied about pals. But I finally can say "hold on let me call my roommates and see if they want to hang out too" or "let me call my roommates and see if I'm doing dinner together".  Best of all, I have someone to go to Park Merced laundry room with. 

Monday, September 1, 2008

pains and gains

How could a phone conversation ever make me feel this...certain? I sit with cold toes wrapped in sock and boot, not sure what I'm so happy about but I think it has something to do with the end of my watery kate nash days. Its hard to translate mixed love signals with painful cuts and jags  but at the end of the day, its nice knowing where I stand at the end of the fight. How am I suppose to know where anything will go? I don't even know when my next meal will be. I don't know what I want, but I know I like you. 

I have to admit however,  it does bother me,  when you tell me that I have small hands, it bothers me when you say the word cockroach, I hate you telling me I need to wear my retainer more often, and that what I eat isn't adequate. 

yes, thank-you, I know that I may seem small and meek, and would probably lose in a fight, and I'm not nearly as tough as I'd hope. I know I will never be a stand-up comic. I know getting scared of growing up seems silly and I don't read the newspaper as often as I should. I know I have nothing certain and my future seems bleek. 

Even after your constant reminders about how my life will blow, I still sit here in my Good-Will $5 robe, knowing that I like you, and I'm happy.