Saturday, July 19, 2008

If you weren't here, I think I would've made you up

Spending the summer wasting on ice cream, scam train fees, maracas, movies, celebrations and extremes. 

If you weren't here, I think I would've made you up
My mind and hands agree as they smell the familiarity of clean laundry and cats. Only ten, the night begins with me feeling endless and expandable. 

I want to stretch across horizons so I can touch every city in the world just once and never wonder. The pasadena film festival is tonight and I wonder if well go although my feet politely ask to reconsider this for a night of peace in front of a tv seeing as how they've trekked sand, up beat rockets, damp cloths and dancing affairs. They claim they are the sleepyheads from the Belle and Sebastian song and that makes me giggle.

Feet arent allowed to feel. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bad Bugs

shoop shoop do di do do

today i had a very bad experience with a bad bug.

Twiddling thumbs in sociology class i looked down and to my horror I found a cockroach looking up at me.  I couldn't speak or move but just stood up and started screaming and crying. 

My class looked at me and I ran out of the room shaky and embarrassed. 

I stood out there, trying to stop the tears and I couldn't help but wonder, why am I such a wimp? 
I looked at the underwear picture of me and jill and I felt happy as I tried to forget the horrors of today.