Monday, February 4, 2008

Facebook ads

The facebook "break up advice" ad glares up in my face. I'm
not sure if they are looking for a laugh or if
they are serious about advertising the "hey douche! congrats
on fuckin up your relationship" message it sends across. At
first I laugh at this, have to remember to mention it to
someone later or make a doodle of it in class. Then it makes
me sort of sad. Who would be this desperate? Seek help
online... i just had to complain about it electronically.

But i guess the question i should be asking is why do
relationships suck? or why do bf's blow?

After our shits and giggles ma boo wanted to sign off aim,
which of course I understand as my cue :

Beatriz Ruano: go to bed then
Beatriz Ruano: your free!
thenewlordbyron: free?
thenewlordbyron: stop making me feel guilty
thenewlordbyron: i hate that feeling
Beatriz Ruano: alright sorry
Beatriz Ruano: its fine byron i understand
Beatriz Ruano: ur done w/ bf obligations
thenewlordbyron: NO
thenewlordbyron: its not that
thenewlordbyron: god
thenewlordbyron: forget it
thenewlordbyron: im the worlds worst person ever i get it
thenewlordbyron: woohoo
thenewlordbyron: dont date me then if thats how u fel
thenewlordbyron: gnight

i wouldn't date you sure plum, but not only are u the coolest
person I know, I would never want to have to be in the
position to use a facebook ad.