Sunday, June 22, 2008

san fran is calling me

*ring ring*

me: hello?
San francisco: hey its me
me: oh hi
san fran: i miss you
me: i miss you too
san fran: i wish you were here with me, it'd help to pass this long weekend
me: yeah id like that, its so hot here, i miss your foggy presence
san fran: haha thanks
me: no im really serious, the only thing that helps me now is ice cream and ice tea,
i never thought i'd say this, but i even miss your cool attitude.
san fran: even that?
me: that and more, i didnt remember home being a place of bigotry, i always saw you as overly politically correct at times...i mean...the whole olympics thing...but i kinda understand it now, especially after all of this strange Fred Phelps anti-gay stuff, i mean sheesh.
san fran: wow
me: yeah i just want to go home
san fran: we'll i'm not going anywhere
me: HAHA good one
san fran: yeah i know i know
me: its so small here too, i can't help but do the whole public transportation hating bit, and la mentality feels fake and plastic to me
san fran: yeah i hate that place it reminds me of everything sad in the world
me: i could understand why
san fran: so will i see you soon?
me: i have around two months left
san fran: alright
me: yeah...guess i'll talk to u then
san fran: sounds good
me: i'll miss you

*phone tone*